Mission Statement

Here at Scong Analysis, we make sure your song will be the next hit on spotify, apple music, tidal and deezer
Only One Click Away from finding out how to top the charts! Break more records than The Beatles, Michel Jackson, Drake, and Araiana Grande have ever dreamed of!
Our team is working at all hours finding new ways to make sure YOU have the top of the line tools to create the best song ever. Our assortment of analysis tools are broken into six easy sections.
Tempo, Frequency Balance, Emotion, Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.



Correct tempo is essential for a good song. Too slow will result in listener lethargia syndrome. Too fast may cause dancers to go in shock from overexurtion. Finding the balance in-between is crucial for a safe listening experience.

Frequency Balance

Frequency Spectrum

Balance of the low, middle, and high sounds is key to an enjoyable listening experience. Too much low will result in muddiness, while too much high can result in listeners fatigue. Balance is essential for listeners of all ears.


audio emotion

Emotion is key for an intimate listeners experience. Emotion is an aspect of humanity that all can connect through.



The melody has to be distinguishable, even when driving down the interstate at 100 mph. It needs to be catchy enough to stay stuck in one's head for the remainder of the month.



Good songs contain only the most basic chord progressions. Dense jazz harmony may lead to listener lethargia.


audio emotion

"It's all about the beat" says every rap enthuziest ever.

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