Out of Context

It is important to always double check if you come across quotes that seem outrageous or inflammatory online.
You never know if something important is being
left out.
misleading quote from conservative president Jacob MacEntyre, implying that he does not care about Middle Eastern countries that are suffering from civil war
I have talked extensively with my security council about my program for supporting the Middle East. Some of my fellow Congressmen have been asking me,
"Why should we keep supporting war-torn countries that give us absolutely nothing in return?"
And I had to remind them that I am prioritizing the lives of those suffering overseas over profit. Some other people will say that we need to get our own situation under control first, and while I don’t totally disagree with that sentiment, we simply cannot stand by while people are suffering on a truly grandiose scale overseas.
-Jacob MacEntyre
misleading meme insinuating that fictional liberal presidential candidate John Jackson will not concede the election if his opponent wins
Of course, I take the matter of election security very seriously. So
if MacEntyre wins
and we find substantial evidence of fraud, then
I won’t concede the race. Simple as that.
- John Jackson
misleading meme implying that fictional conservative president Jacob MacEntyre believes that the majority of American voters are easily influenced (implying unintelligence and possible future malevolence on his part)
Well, I’ve been looking at the number of attack ads that have been run against me and my campaign, and I find that they’ve made some truly nasty false claims. Of course, while they assume that
American voters are easily manipulated
by contextless claims, I have confidence in this country’s public to make the right choice this November.
-Jacob MacEntyre
misleading meme suggesting that fictional liberal presidential candidate John Jackson wishes to shield 'radical leftist' rioters from legal trouble
Let me tell you right away that there are two very different sides here: the rioters who are taking advantage of this unrest to loot and destroy without cause, and the protestors who simply want to make their voice known. I think the latter group deserves protection under the law, and
I will fight as hard as possible against unfair prosecution targeting them.
-John Jackson