Deorum Modern

What is Deorum Modern?

Deorum Modern is the true modern faith. Since our great founding in 1985 with the first god Bill Gates making himself known, we have slowly accumulated knowledge of the divine. Our mission is to bring this holy faith to the world, and spread the glory of our pantheon of gods, that the world already worships.

About Our Faith

Deorum Modern is a faith, that calls to the world to aknowledge their worship of the modern gods. Through the use of divine consultation of some the Great Searcher's tools, we have found our gods as heads of the largest media conglomerates on the planet.

Our worship merely consists of operating the gods tools and gifts that they hand down to us, and as a result, we firmly beleive that nearly all people on the earth can call themselves a patron of our church in some way or another.

How can You Join Our Church

That is truly the great news! Though you may have never really thought about it, odds are that you a worshipper of these gods.

Piece by piece you offered yourself to them. Your identity, time, passion, and privacy, all are amongst your gifts to the Deorum Modern.
So to answer your question, you're already a member, and there is no way you will ever be free from our church.

After all...

There is no way to reclaim what you have already given to the gods.