Is Fresh'n'Free right for me?
Fresh’n’Free is recommended for anyone who spends more than 30 hours per week using an electronic device for non-work-related reasons.

Do I need a prescription to take Fresh'n'Free?
Not at all! As an over-the-counter remedy for screen addition, Fresh’n’Free Gum is freely available for anyone who needs it.

Is Fresh’n’Free safe for people under the age of 18 to take?
We at Fresh’n’Free, Inc. recognize that children and teenagers are among the heaviest users of digital devices in the modern world. While Fresh’n’Free Gum is not specifically designed with their brains into account, test results have shown that they benefit from its effects while suffering minimal drawbacks.*

Does Fresh’n’Free cause any side effects?
While our studies have not revealed any significant negative side effects to Fresh’n’Free Gum, they have seen evidence that it may cause more pronounced memory loss or other cognitive imperfections. Further tests are planned, and these results may be false correlations.

* Results are preliminary and subject to further revision. This statement is not legally binding.