Be-A-God Certificates

Are you tired of people not listening to your judgement? Tired of people labeling you a bully just for putting down others with your opinions? Do you wish you had an excuse to say whatever the hell you wanted without consequences? We have the subscription for you. Introducing Be-A-God Certificates. With this new service, you can make whatever you say into divine law. We have an array of different subscription prices that will offer different aspects of godhood.

Bronze Package

bronze package certificate
The Bronze Package will grant you with a congregation of followers

Silver Package

silver package certificate
The Silver package will allow there to be Idols made of your image and likeness

Gold Package

gold package certificate
The Gold Package will constitute a war fought in your name

Any of these packages will provide you with extra protection when spewing your opinions onto others and making them creed. Obtain any certificate by paying a subcription. Once this is completed, your certificate will be mailed right to your door or available for digital download-so you can provide your godly credentials to people anytime, anywhere. Be-A-God Certificates offers one-of-a-kind superiority over strangers and your peers. Gain your reverent status, today!