With a purchase of a "Be-A-God certificate, you can also obtain benefits from our top of the line subscription packages for only a few extra fees to your monthly payments.

The Bronze Package

bronze package icon The Bronze Package deals out the essentials of becoming your own deity. With this package, along with your certificate we also supply a full congregation to worship your name. This group will follow your every whim while also constantly providing you praise. Feel assured you’ll never have criticism for what you have to say ever again! SIGN UP HERE

The Silver Package

silver package icon The Silver Package is the next important step and a fan favorite for your journey in becoming a god among men. With this package, we provide the certificate, the congregation, and a whole array of idols made in your holy image! We commission top tier artists to recreate your magnificence so that everyone can see just how perfect you believe yourself to be. All you have to do is send us the poses and outfits you desire! SIGN UP HERE

The Gold Package

the gold package icon The Gold Package is the highest honor we can bestow upon you. With this package, you get all the great perks of the last two, along with a whole war fought in your name! People will be so enamored and empowered by your judgements, they will fight in order to force them upon everyone you meet. This package is the go-to if you want to make sure your reach is far and enforced! SIGN UP HERE